Kayakers Guide to Whitewater of Peru

Rio Sacsara

The Rio Sacsara is a short low volume steep creek in the Santa Teresa region of Peru (Department of Cuzco) The river has slots and waterfalls and can be reached from Cola Del Mono zipline/kayak camp owned by Gian Marco Vellutino… Information can be obtained by contacting him at Peru kayak who can also arrange […]

Rio Cotahuasi

The Rio Cotahausi is one of the premier kayak/raft trips in Peru. Its officially recorded depth is 163 meters greater than the Colca making it the deepest canyon on Earth. The added spectacle of cloudless skies, hot springs, pre-Inca ruins, Quechua speaking locals and thundering class 5 whitewater makes this trip the gem of the […]

Rio Concebidayoc

Reprinted from article “Below and Beyond Machu Picchu 2009” Wow, these days its very rare to find a new river. However when you find a new river how often is it sheer WORLD CLASS. Yesterday we arrived back in Cusco, after completing the first descent of the Rio Concebidayoc in the Quillabamba region. As we […]

Maranon River whitewater kayaking

John Wasson and some friends first ran the Rio Marañon in 1977 in hollowform kayaks. Their one-month navigation of the river’s course was a major accomplishment given the equipment of the era is heralded as one of the first successful explorations of the “Big canyons” of the Peruvian Andes. Parts of the lower section of […]

Santa River kayaking

Located in the department of Ancash, the Rio Santa drains the majestic peaks of Peru’s ominous Cordillera Blanca. It runs in a Northerly course for most of its journey before turning west towards the ocean. It is best to run the river in the heart of the rainy season from December to March when several […]

Lurin River whitewater

The Rio Lurin is the closest whitewater to Lima and can be run throughout the summer months of January to May There are three ways to get there from Lima. The first is to follow the Pan American highway to the Southern beaches and follow the river up from its mouth. The problem with this […]

Rio Canete River

The Cañete Rivers offers boating for both novices and experts alike. With year round flows and it’s proximity to Lima it has become one of the country’s commercial rafting centers and has been the training ground for most of Peru’s kayakers and rafters. Buried in one of the Upper Cañete’s rapids Flows in the rainy […]

Santa Teresa

In September of 2006 Gian Marco Vellutino and Diego Valsecchi set out to run what has within a year become a Peruvian classic They started their journey in Mollepata where they hired porters. The route they followed is the new “alternative” to the heavily used  traditional Inca Trail. The route traverses up through spectacular country […]


The Rio Velille is on of the Upper tributaries of the Apurimac and shares a lot of the same qualities of its big brother. The river lies within a majestic canyon with granite boulders and crystal clear water. The source of the water is Nevado Huainahuire which at  5438 meters (18,000 feet) which forms the […]


The Pumacanchis River is a short and steep section of river in the Cuzco region draining a lake into the Vilcanota River. This classic foto was taken on the first descent of Pumacanchis on July 5, 2007 To reach the river from Cuzco follow the paved road to Urcos 47 KM away. From here it […]