History of first descents

First Descent information for the Rivers of Peru

Abismo de Apurimac -Calvin Giddings,  Jim Sindelar, Gerry Plummer, Dee Crouch, Chuck Carpenter July/August 1975

Amojú-Quebrada Jaén Greg Schwendinger, Rocky Contos Feb 26, 2014

Apurimac – Puente Hualpachaca to Puente Cunyac -Calvin Giddings September 1974

Arazá-Aleix Salvat, Arnau y Rambo August 2016?

Ausangate Dave Black, Andreas Fischer, Kurt Casey April 1997

Concebidayco– Jon ‘Spike’ Green, Pete Catterall, Paul Cripps and Adam Harmer June 2009

Callayuc- Josh Fischer, Greg Schwendinger, Kurt Casey Feb 24, 2014

Cañete –Upper stretch from KM 128 to PacaranKM 55- Dave Black, Mark Fair, Kurt Casey, Andreas Fischer March 1997 (5 days)

CañetePacaran to Lunahuana KM55 to KM30unknown

Chorinos Greg Schwendinger, Rocky Contos Feb 28, 2014

Chili – Antonio Velutino, Cholo (Alvaro) Ibañez 1982

Chinchipe- Josh Fischer, Greg Schwendinger, Kurt Casey, Rocky Contos, Lorenzo Bergamin, Jesse  Mogler, Ira Estin, Luciano Troyes, Scott McBride Feb 16, 2014 (4 days) included 48 km on Rio Numbala and Mayo in Ecuador

Chunchuco-Josh Fischer, Greg Schwendinger, Rocky Contos Feb 25, 2014

ColcaCabanaconde to CancoCanoandes May 1981

Colca -Lunar Canyon- Canoandes June 1981

Cotahuasi-From Cotahuasi to Ocoña Dave Black, Jon Barker, Jose Luis (Pepe) Lopez, Fico Gallese, Kurt Casey, Greg Moore, John Foss, Franz Helfenstein, Duilio Velutino, Gian Marco Velutino June 4, 1994

Cotahuasi Aimaña gorge – Kurt Casey, Dave Black, Duilio Velutino May 1995

Cotahuasi headwaters- Eva Luna Ramirez, Gian Marco Velutino, Franz Helfenstein, Andreas Fisher, Brent Heitzenroder June 8-9, 2002

Huallabamba – Kurt Casey, Franz Helfenstein, John Foss July 1998 (5 days)

Huallaga Headwaters – John Mattson, Mark Fair, Kurt Casey, Ethan Green, DNF July 1999 (5 days)

Huallaga– Puente El rancho to the Great Bend: Bryan smith, Pierro Vellutino, Todd Gillman, Andrew Oberhardt, Shane Robinosn  DNF July 2007- Immersion Research’s 2006 TRIP FROM HELL

Trip completed to Tingo Maria (3 days) October 2010 Ryan Casey,Ben Luck,Matthew & Nate Klema, Evan Ross, Matt Wilson

Huancabamba-Chamaya– Josh Fischer, Greg Schwendinger, Kurt Casey, Rocky Contos, Lorenzo Bergamin Feb 21, 2014 (4 days)

Lauricocha– Rocky Contos solo 2012

Lucumayo Brent Heitzenroder, Piero Velutino, Kurt Casey October 27, 2005

Lurin Duilio Velutino solo run 1993

MantaroPampas to Canaire -Richard Pethingal, Shane Kroeger,Jamie ThoenOct 2001 Only Richard finished solo in cataraft

Rocky Contos-2012 did the whole river from source 4850 m to its confluence with Apurimac and on to Ene

Maran from Marcabamba– Eva Luna Ramirez, Jon Barker, John Foss May 1995

Maran from Vilcar– Kurt Casey, Mike Savory May 1996 (6-7 days)

Marañon from Rondos-John Wasson, Tom Fisher, Steve Gaskill in Hollowforms, Ellen Toll in 12′ raft July 1977

Marañon -from La Union (Rio Vizcarra)- Kurt Casey, Franz Helfenstein, Greg Moore, Andreas Fischer July 2000(10 days)

OcobambaLower stretch From Toledo to Puente Quesquento Brent Heitzenroder, Piero Velutino, Kurt Casey October 25, 2005

Pachachaca Henry Munter, Brain Fletcher- Abancay to Apurimac River October 2004

Pampas– Rick Smith, Ron Hayes, Cal Giddings, Scott Hartman, Dean Paschall, Rod Nash 1979 raft trip aborter at Ocros Falls DNF

Hugh Prtichard, Benjamin Muñoz, Adam Jarco, James Shrimpton, Thomas Hughes June/July 1998 (12 days) Puente Pampa to San Francisco

Paucartambo Chan Zwanzig and John Armstrong from one of the sources starting at 14,000 feet and taking out just below Paucartambo.January 1983

Mahuallane to Urubamba confluence- John Armstrong, Lars Holbek, Jerry Kauffman April 1983

John Armstrong, Lars Holbek, Mark Allen, Eric Magneson, Phil DeRiemerfrom different source at 14,200 feet (Laguna Singrenacocha) to the Chimura bridge about 40 km below Paucartambo (bail out due to high water).This trip featured in John Armstrong filmPaucartambo: Inca River.” Feb 1985

John Armstrong, Lars Holbek, Eric Magneson, Nancy Wiley, Beth Rypins, and Bob Macdougal ran the river from Paucartambo to the confluence with the Urubamba.This resulted in Armstrong’s second film,Paucartambo: The Rest of the River.” October-Nov 1986

Pumacanchis- Pierro velutino, Diego Ibañez,  Alan Abril, Paul Cripps, Juanito Ugarte From lake to Vilcanota River July 5, 2007

Pozuzo– Day stretch below town Chando Gonzalez mid 1980’s

Pozuzo– from Huancabamba to Puente Constitucion
Greg Moore, Kurt Casey, Andreas Fischer, Franz Helfenstein June 2000 (4 days)

Sacsara-Evan Garcia, Aniol Serrasoles, Ryan Casey 2013

SantaExplorandes in rafts 1980/1981

Santa Teresa- Gian Marco Vellutino and Diego Valsecchi September 2006 Upper put in from Salcantay trek to Urrubamba River

Satipo– Rocky Contos solo October 10-12, 2012

Sonches – Brent Heitzenroder, Kurt Casey, Andreas Fischer, Franz Helfenstein May 2002 (3 days)

Upper Tambo -Jose Francisco Giraldo, John Foss, Kurt Casey, Gian Marco Velutino, Andreas Fischer, DNF March 1997

Lower Tambo-from Quinistaquillas to Panamerican highway Rocky Contos, Gustavo Rondón, Jose Leoncio Zeballos, Carlos Vizcarra May 2013

Tambopata-2 day stretch to Astillero Col Percy Fawcett in log raft September 1910

Tambopata-Chando Gonzalez et al 1981 in raft

Utcubamba – Above Pedro Ruiz -Greg Moore and Joel Harvoth November 1997 DNF

Utcubamba -20 KM below Pedro Ruiz to Bagua Grande- Brent Heitzenroder,  Andreas Fischer, Franz Helfenstein June 2002

Urubamba – Tim Biggs and Chan Zwanzig 1980/1981

Velille- Pierro Velutino and Kurt Casey August 9, 2007

VilcabambaUpper stretch from Ruins to Oyala– Juan Antonio de Ugarte Burbank, Arnd Shaeftlein, Schorschie Schauf, film crew for discovery channel October 20-23, 2005

Vilcabambamiddle stretch from Oyala KM 27 to KM20- Brent Heitzenroder, Kurt Casey, Piero Velutino October 26, 2005

VilcabambaLower stretch from KM KM 27 to Urubamba Confluence- Damen Millar and Nate Elliot Nov, 14, 2005

VilcanotaLaszlo Berty Group 1977 in rafts

Yanitile – Gian Marco Velutino, John Foss, Adam ???, DNF April 1995

YanitileMark Fair, Jose Francisco Giraldo, Kurt Casey, Brent Heitzenroder Nov. 2, 2001 DNF

Other first descents not included in this web page

InimbariChando Gonzalez in rafts

Vilcabamba (Trib of Apurimac)Russel Kelley, Gian Marco Velutino Sept 2002
Pilcopata/Alto Madre De Dios Chando Gonzalez in rafts
Cusipata – Dave Black, Gian Marco Velutino Dec. 1997
Perené– La Merced Stretch, Carlo Velutino,  March 1996

Tabanaconas– Italian group 2013/span>,

3 Replies to “History of first descents

  1. OLLI’s Curriculum Committee is interested in a presentation by Jim sometime in the winter about kayaking in Peru.What is the best way to contact him to explore this further?
    Thanks, Judi

  2. The First Descend of Tabaconas was done by raft by Andrea Gatti and Pascal Moreno with Cesar Novoa on August 2013. On the same month we descended with Pepe Sanchez Izquierdo the Chinchipe starting from la Balza, at the border with Ecuador on a smaller nice river, the Rio Canchis, till the small town of puerto Chinchipe.
    A Video is available on YouTube “Expedition Chinchipe”.
    Thank you,
    Andrea Gatti

  3. Urubamba is not correct: 1979 : Urubamba-Expedition (Peru), Erstbef. des Torrentei Canyons (80 km in 10 Tagen, WW IV,
    V, VI) mit E. Heiz, G. Pfiffner, P. Huber).

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