16 Jan

The Rio Tumbes is an journey through an ecological paradise. Forming  the border between Southern Ecuador and Peru’s Northern frontier, the river meanders through two national parks on both sides of the river before plunging through the Canyon Del Tigre.

On many people’s wish list for years -this class2-3 whitewater gem was not run until  November 2001. It was at this point that a long running border dispute between the two countries had finally simmered down.

The section is now occasionally commercial rafted and/or kayaked. You can get information and possibly a shuttle from Ursula Behr of Iguana’s trips. She works out of a bar/restaurant on the south side of Mancora along the main road. Their phone, e-mail and web page are found by clicking on the link for Iguana Trips at main page.

The 60 KM stretch is often run in one 6 hour day but a more leisurely trip is suggested to combine with side hikes and good camping.

The best time to run the river is in the rainy season of December-March but the roads to the put can be treachorous and require a good four wheel drive and an aggressive driver.

To reach the put-in take the road from Bocapan to cabo Inca

The takeout  is at Playa Rica which can can be reached on the road from Tumbes to Corales.

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