Kayakers Guide to Whitewater of Peru


The Ocobamba is a major tributary of the Yanatile. It flows from the North of the flanks of Nevado Chicon and joins the Yanatile below Quebrada Honda Dogs going for swim Ocobamba put-in To reach the river you can come from the Sacred Valley and town of Calca or from below from Quillabamba. KM markers […]


The Rio Cosñipata is one of the princiapal tributaries of the Alto Madre de Dios River in the Department of Cuzco. It is a high jungle run of incredible beauty with good bird watching. It is now commercially rafted in an enjoyable 9 km, class 3-4 stretch. Trips start in Cuzco and usually encompass several […]


The Rio Tumbes is an journey through an ecological paradise. Forming  the border between Southern Ecuador and Peru’s Northern frontier, the river meanders through two national parks on both sides of the river before plunging through the Canyon Del Tigre. On many people’s wish list for years -this class2-3 whitewater gem was not run until  […]


Colonel P.H Fawcett was the first to run Tambopata River in 1911. His craft was a raft made of lashed logs. Tales of this incredible explorer can be found in a hard to find autobiography called “Exploration Fawcett”. This same individual made the first descent of the nearby Rio Tuichi in Bolivia during the same […]

Apurimac Black Canyon

The Black Canyon presents a multi-day “warm up” for the action that lies downstream. The traditional Black Canyon run is a three day 60 km stretch beginning at Nayhua (elevation 2400 meters and finishing Puente Haulpachaca elevation 2275 meters). Puente Hualpachaca is also the put-in for the popular, class 4-5, commercial 3 day raft trip. […]


The Rio Chili flows off the snow capped peak of Volcan Misti in Arequipa. This small river is dam controlled and therefore is usually flowing from March to November. The standard run is relatively short at 5-6 km with the takeout being the entrance to the city with an elevation of 2350 meters (noticeable shortly […]